Draft Interim DLUP

The Dehcho First Nations Interim Measures Agreement provides for the development of a land use plan for the Dehcho Territory. A land use plan outlines what types of activities should occur, where they should take place, and the terms and conditions necessary to guide land use decisions. The purpose of the Interim Plan is to promote the social, cultural and economic well-being of residents and communities in the Dehcho territory, having regard to the interests of all Canadians. The Land Use Plan is intended to be legally binding within the regulatory system once approved and implemented. 

The process to develop the draft Interim Dehcho Land Use Plan (DLUP) is described in Appendix 2 of the Dehcho First Nations Interim Measures Agreement.

The Draft Interim Dehcho Land Use Plan has been under development since 2002. The Committee is completing revisions to the Draft Interim Plan based on reviews of the parties to the Committee and engagemetn with other organizations.

A draft Interim Dehcho Land Use Plan will be posted once it is released for public review in 2024.